5 First Date Ideas For Dating A Rich Man

rich men dating siteWho would not want to date a man who can provide the kind of luxurious lifestyle that every woman hopes for? But as with everything else in life, taking the first step to your happy ending is extremely important. If you have never gone on a date with a rich man before, it is only normal to be nervous and find yourself coming up with ways to fit into his lifestyle. Hoping for a memorable dating experience? Here are 5 first date ideas for dating a rich man:

  • A weekend getaway

A survey conducted by a rich men dating site states that 79.6 percent of millionaire men value a weekend getaway when it came to special first dates. The reason behind this is that these men are out to prove they can take care of their partner and romantically sweep them off their feet. Planning a weekend getaway is also the best way to prove to your partner that you are young and interesting. As the two of you do not know each other well, it is advisable to travel to a place that is not isolated. Not only will this grant you a free holiday but also give him the opportunity to see how lovely and outgoing you are.

  • Rent out an upscale restaurant

There is nothing better than fine dining when it comes to dating rich men. Picture it: a sensational restaurant with a breathtaking view, filled with candles and roses to set the romantic tone. You should be dressed to impress because your partner will certainly be wearing an
eye-catching and expensive suit. The two of you can share a bottle of champagne as you watch the sunset in the open view. You can also indulge in a slow dance and enjoy every bit of the beautiful restaurant setting.

  • Casino fun

Having some casino fun is the best way to enjoy copious amounts of money in the UK. One thing is for sure, this will not leave a dent in your partner’s big bank account. It is definitely time to loosen up and prove that you can have some much-needed fun. The UK is filled with top-notch casinos that will accommodate both you and your partner in the best way. Dress up for an extravagant night together as high rollers and take turns choosing what you want to play. Go to casinos that offer entertainment options such as comedy nights or dances to make the night even more fun.

  • Rent out a cinema

When trying to establish a connection with “that special someone”, sitting in a movie theatre filled with strangers is not fun. It will obviously take away from the romance and only seem like a casual hangout session. When dating rich men, do not spare the expenses. You can literally book out the entire cinema and enjoy the latest movies to your heart’s content. The dark lighting, romantic feeling and the fact that you will be sharing popcorn is certainly an icebreaker. Remember to select movies that will not put the both of you to sleep. Who knows? You may seal the night with a deep kiss.

  • Sail away on a yacht

Showcase your creative and fun side by planning an intimate sail-date on a yacht especially during hotter months. The fresh air and abundance of sunshine should motivate you to put on your sexy sundress and head out for that rendezvous with your wealthy significant other. It is acceptable to frolic around the yacht while appreciating the gentleness of the seas and outstanding views. Spending some quiet time alone could be exactly what the two of you need to float your boat, get it? And if it is a hot day, do not be afraid to show off your bikini body by jumping in for a swim.

Before planning that memorable first date with a rich man, be clear as to why you want to be with him. Do you only want to enjoy the money and finer things in life or do you expect a prince-charming who will give you a fairytale ending? Forget about strolling at the mall! Implement these five first date ideas for dating rich men and you will climb that romantic ladder quickly. He will see that you have what it takes to make him “glued to your magic.”